mercury ripple


Ripple Table

Details and Cost

Droplet classically frozen in solid aluminium. Precision polished to preserve subtle outer ripples and finished in bright nickel.

Centre drops supported on hair like filament of carbon steel, electro-formed nickel droplets weigh in at a mere 300 milligrams.

Dimensions :          1100mm dia x 450mm height

weight :                     85kg

Mat :                          hardened stainless steel

Cost :                        From £24,000 size dependant  

Delivery :                6 weeks

ripple table




Ripple table series 2

Details and price

Machined from solid stainless, mirror polished and plated with decorative chrome.

Dimensions :       2000mm x 750mm x 850mm

Weight ;               235kg

Mat ;                     Chrome plated stainless steel

Delivery :            12 weeks

Cost :                    £95,000

rowland ripple table