Dagger stiletto shoe heels

Heels and mounts made to fit client's own footwear. This example produced for Katharine Hamnett.

Details and cost

Cost :                 £1275,00 pr

Delivery:            5 weeks

Mat:                   Chrome plated steel, Swarovski crystals, gold                                    plated heel mount, high strength fastenings. 






'' Back stage pass ICET  ''

Belt buckle with ICE lettering created for US rapper ICE T. Belt designs for individual band members of body count followed in addition to the mask project for bass guitarist D roc. The belt pictured was the start of further accessory design see below link  including the mechanical face mask made for the band.

Mat:                   Electro plated copper

Cost:                 N/A

Delivery:           24 hrs

View mask !


Body count belt collection 1993

Subsequent belts where manufactured for the Band members of Body Count. Produced in brass with 2 micron gold plate

From top left  



 C JAMM                   SEAN E SEAN


BEN                            D ROC


MICKEY                     ALP


tie brooches 1991

The tie brooch has been created to simulate an accurate look of a real tie. They are produced and coated in materials that exploit their solid construction and make possible a whole new realm of previously unexplored materials for use with the tie. Feathers, polished, beaten or patinated copper, chrome and fret cut detail are several examples.

The ties when finished are almost as comfortable to wear as their original fabric alternatives. Filled and backed with a soft suede liner they are secured with a choice of clip or neck elastic fittings.




Mat:             Patinated copper with polished highlights, suede.

Cost :          £375,00

Delivery:     3 weeks.


Feathered and copper tie brooches






Peacock tail feather tie brooch



Mat :             Copper, peacock feathers, suede

Cost :          £445,00

Delivery :     4 weeks.



Copper tie brooch. Produced from beaten 22 gauge copper with bright polishing


Mat :             Polished, beaten copper, suede.                            

Cost :           £345,00 

Delivery :     3 weeks




Bathroom jewellery 


Free standing soap dish with selective gold plating

Mat :             Sterling silver, 2 micron gold plating

Cost :          £1085

Delivery :     5 weeks.



Simulated shirt in patinated copper.

Shirt simulate made around clients own existing garment and designed to be worn under a suit to give impression of a full shirt

Material :         Patinated copper, suede base. 

Cost :              £3250     

Delivery :        5 weeks 


simulated shirt breast pieces

Breast plates produced in rose wood and patinated copper. Designed to worn under suits or similar evening wear. Rosewood version made flexible with a base of leather. Copper breast plate rigid through out with hexagonal tiles mounted on thin copper base

Cost :                           Rose wood  £1100    Patinated copper £ 1650

Delivery :                     2 - 3 weeks

Mat :                           santos rosewood, suede, patinated copper                                        brass


chain link tunic- Alexander Mc queen 2000

Chain mail tunic. Modelled by Boris Becker for Alexander Mcqueen and Tag Heure

Mat             White metal, latex high strength steel fastenings

Delivery      5 weeks

Though this item is not currently for sale the techniques, materials and skills that constructed it are still being employed by us. Please enquire if interested.

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