Simulated stone plaque

Mr and Mrs Smith

Produced for Mr and Mrs Smith to enhance brand presence throughout their worldwide hotel collection. Slate texture cloned from real stone and reproduced in polyurethane resin.

Details and cost

Dimensions :            220mm x 290mm x 23mm

Weight :                    0.5kg

Mat :                         Polyurethane resin

Cost :                       £ 35.00 ea @ 300 batch qty.

Delivery :                 10 - 12 weeks 

2014 Awards

2014 Awards

annual hotel award trophies

Mr and Mrs Smith

Brief required a stone or similar material simulate to be heavy and have the feel of real polished rock.

Details and cost

Dimensions :      150mm x 270mm x 40mm

Mat :                     Polyurethane resin

Cost :                    £160.00 each.  Batch qty 12

Delivery :              4 weeks

carling clock

Lager fill bar clock

Carling / Coor's brewers.

Details and cost

Dimensions :            450mm x 450mm x 300mm

Mat :                           Aluminium, glass, acrylic.

Cost :                         £ 1785.00

Delivery :                  4 weeks

solid aluminium clock

solid aluminium bar clock

Carling / Coor's brewers

Details and cost


Dimensions :             500mm x 450mm x 40mm

Mat :                             Aluminium

Cost :                           £ 1950.00

Delivery :                    4 weeks


Illuminated display table

Carling / Coor's Brewers


Dimensions          1250mm x 600mm 550mm 

Cost                        £ 4350.00

Delivery                 5 weeks

Mat                         Acrylic, beech ply, laminated glass,                                           plaster of paris


Brief required table to look and feel similar to real ivory. This has been achieved using ivory coloured acrylic and colour matched acrylic paints for decorative edge work. The final touch involved light abrasion to slightly satinize the surface.













bar / Restaurant railing

Carling / Coor's Brewers

Details and cost

Dimensions :       1250mm x 600mm x 520mm

Mat :                       Brass, mild steel

Cost :                     £15,750

Delivery :              6 weeks


carling brand 

Cast brass Carling labels produced for railing tops.



fish tank-table

display table

Carling / Coor's brewers

Brief, Client needed an old, tired look for their furniture. Used, weathered timber was sourced for table production and subsequently heat branded.

Details and cost

Dimensions :              500mm x 1150mm x 600mm

Mat :                             Weathered pine

Cost :                           £ 1050.00 ea

Delivery :                    4 weeks







co branded menu/napkin holders

Carling / Coor's brewers

Details and cost


Dimensions :      155 mm x 55 mm x 110 mm

Mat :                      Polished stainless        

Cost :                    £45.00 ea  Batch qty 40

Delivery :            6 weeks


solid silver soap dish

Czech and Speake

Free standing sterling silver soap dish. Produced for Czech and Speake as pre - production prototype. This design available for commission less Czech and Speake gold coin inlay.

Details and cost.

Dimensions :         155mm x 80mm x 32mm

Mat :                        Hallmarked sterling silver       

Cost :                      £1950.00

Delivery :               6 weeks